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Top 5 Online Health Videos For The Health Conscious

We all know that watching TV is not healthy, but doctors are only now discovering just how bad it can be.  In a recent study published by  Journal of the American Medical Association, ...
Ischemic Stroke

5 Worst Things That May Happen To You If You Have Ischemic Stroke

Since that day when my grandmother had a stroke and died for almost 7 years, I promised to myself that I’m going to live a free from Ischemic stroke life.  But history says that, ...
high cholesterol symptoms

How To Extend Your Life And Avoid High Cholesterol Symptoms

When I go to the gym for physical conditioning and to burn some fats as well, I often feel that majority of the people there would just do it temporarily because cholesterol is already ...
heart disease facts

4 Heart Disease Facts That You Shouldn’t Miss

According to the American Health Association, Americans have a shorter life span since in the early 80’s up to the present.  Statistical data in 1980’s implies that male has a ...
angina symptoms

Everything You Have To Know About Angina Pectoris and It’s Symptoms

Angina symptoms, I’m quite sure that this word is an alien to us. That’s why this article intends to educate you to what it is all about starting from its cause, treatment, signs ...

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